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Asset Management



Analyzing and evaluating the cost of acquisition and development, or continuing ownership is composed of applying specific costs to the known risks and estimated costs to the unknown risks. The key is to arrive at the largest quantity of “knowns” and define the unknowns in such a manner that the provision for risk and the range of possible outcomes can be analyzed scientifically.


Most projects have a past. They have entitlements, zoning conditions, previous permits, wetlands etc. Some have a troubled past, such as liens, tax sales, boundary problems and other issues. The trail of documentation is vital to understanding the project yield, cost of development and time table to the realization of the desired use. The documentation then has to be obtained, organized and summarized so that quick analysis can be done with the confidence that detail is in hand.  


Cost to complete is the assembly of a thousand nuts and bolts that it takes to make a functional, sellable product. Accurate cost to complete involves an analysis of the site and should include subsurface investigation and analysis. Coordination of the services required to analyze a site need project management to get a representative analysis and to utilize the due diligence budget efficiently.


The experience to know what to look for and what questions to ask is vital to properly analyzing risk and value. The end product in project analysis is a documented, informed valuation that has a real market outcome.


Cold River Partners understand that the portability of the documentation matters and makes its project studies available through electronic media and over the internet via a secure data portal. The data is summarized in an executive summary sheet that details all facets of the underwriting or due diligence. 


  • Cold River offers a solution for the challenges of underwriting real estate and performing due diligence.
  • Environmental compliance analysis and services.  
  • Complete project studies and assembly of project document files.
  • Construction analysis and cost to complete.
  • Property management and development completion.  
  • Court appointed receivership.
  • Secure client web portal for all documentation available 24/7.




Whether development begins with a raw parcel or resumes from an abandoned state certain risk are associated with the construction activities. Failure to obtain proper permits, submit required documentation, carefully plan activities and maintain environmental compliance will result in unexpected fines and delays. A systematic process to ensure proper permitting, compliance and scheduling must be in place to avoid the mistakes that can risk the profitability and success of any development.


Property development requires the involvement of multiple parties. Sellers, buyers, realtors, attorneys, engineers, surveyors, site contractors, inspectors, utility companies and service providers are among the parties involved in the development of any property. Precise team selection and coordination is critical to any successful development.


There is no substitute for experience related to developing property. Knowledge of the local regulations is a result of experience. Accurate cost and anticipated contingency within the budget is calculated based on experience. Coordination and communication among all team members is enhanced by experience. The ability to respond to obstacles with problem solving skills is developed through experience. 


  • Knowledge of compliance regulations with regard to documentation, permitting,   and environmental management.
  • A well-formed network of sellers, buyers, service providers, engineers, site contractors and other members that create a team of industry professionals to properly and   carefully develop any site.
  • Relationships at multiple levels of local, state and federal jurisdictions.
  • Our staff has been building residential communities for more than 30 years and has   experience in constructing, developing, and designing tens of thousands of residential lots for the nation’s top builders.



Real estate in various stages of construction will not age well without mitigation of the problems and risks associated with site conditions. Partially developed sites left unattended are vulnerable to costs and liabilities associated with environmental conditions, code compliance, trespassing, deterioration, and safety hazards. The key is to properly assess the site and related risks specific to the stage of construction. This will allow for the development and execution of an action plan complete with scope and costs to effectively reduce the risk and preserve the asset.


Real estate requires varying degrees of care through the duration of ownership. Some properties require frequent involvement to mitigate issues, preserve entitlements, coordinate efforts among third-party vendors, generate and submit proper paperwork for regulatory compliance, etc. Other properties may require less involvement depending on the owner’s needs. A proper needs analysis will enable Cold River Partners to develop a management plan that will provide the repair, preservation, and enhancement that is designed to meet goals the owner has for the property.


There are many components to real estate. Entitled property may include such things as zoning classification and related conditions, sewer agreements, prepaid tap fees, and contributions from local and state agencies. Permits, engineered designs, surveys, parcel layouts, declarations, covenants, utility will-serve letters, and operating budgets are among the elements of many properties. A regular report that details the aforementioned factors as well as site conditions and a photo log is essential to properly consolidate all the information and communicate it to owners and their designated recipients.


Real estate requires the management of different scopes, budgets, agencies, vendors, contracts, and documentation. Knowledge of the local regulations along with experienced relationships with vendors and jurisdictional authorities are all required as part of an effective management plan. 


  • Cold River offers a solution for the challenges of real estate management.
  • The development of a thorough risk assessment and action plan.
  • Complete project review of profile, entitlements and needs of the asset.
  • Comprehensive management plan for storage or disposition of property.
  • Regular reporting designed to communicate details of asset facts and activity.
  • Relationships at multiple levels of local, state and federal jurisdictions.
  • A strong database and working history with vendors and subcontractors for all   facets of site development and construction.




In many cases distressed assets suffer further deterioration from site conditions. Issues related to incomplete development tasks, environmental compliance, code violations, inactive homeowner associations, and unsafe conditions all contribute to the distressed state. This often results in penalties, fines, and stop work orders imposed by various agencies. A comprehensive property analysis will provide details necessary to develop a proper action plan to remediate conditions and control costs.


An action plan to remediate and care for distressed assets requires frequent management. Rarely can issues surrounding a distressed asset be addressed only once without additional steps or monitoring. The key is to execute a plan to maximize the positive affect with each step while anticipating additional needs.  


The experience to know what factors will contribute to further deterioration of an asset is vital to properly mitigate costs and liabilities. Cold River Partners provide management services to lenders with the expertise to effectively manage distressed assets.


  • Cold River offers a solution for the challenges of managing distressed assets.
  • Comprehensive analysis to identify conditions detrimental to the property.  
  • Action plan complete with scope and budget.
  • Careful plan implementation to maximize the results.
  • Considerations from environmental compliance to HOA repair and restoration.  
  • Regular reporting to communicate details of asset activity.


Good asset management constantly moves assets toward a sale or income. A systematic process will be constantly improving and preparing assets for properly timed sales to qualified buyers. This should happen without confusion or regret. 

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